Loss is success

Loss is incredible, it’s behind many successful people, and loss is edible: even after gulping it down three layers below your chest bones, cage cracking raw, ringing caw you’ll still survive. The farthest you can loose is only minimal compared to ample of platelets in the blood cells pumped out of your heart, capable of clotting as many cuts as the clouds, may it rain but you won’t bleed for the loss. Your tears will not fall apart, but vapor-ed and gone about 8746 miles above, but you will survive because loss is digestible. Loss will digest, traveling through your small intestines breaking into adenosine serving energy to munch some more till your teeth push into gums and bleed black like old ponds, crunching your intestines and burning your gut underneath and then to large intestines. As if stomach’s being pulled out whilst entering an auditorium half filled of empty audience promoting and constantly reminding you of the loss. But, you will survive, because loss is behind every successful person and you are next one up.

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  1. Thank for this beautiful article… Now a days I am totally upset due to burden of works, BS Papers and continuous failures. Thanks once again

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    1. Hey, hope you did your papers well. Thanks for the comment, keep reading.


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