Caught in a rubber band

A new journey had been designed,
Memories from past have all resigned,
Within smiles I now cry- my tears,
For nigh leaving behind my peers,

The movie screen today reminded me,
Of all the stupidity once you bore of me,
I now wonder if I really miss you,
Cuz’ today, I felt those misty eyes too,

Our first movie I still remember,
All the noises and fun I had splutter,
Our rides in dark and the sparks in heart,
The way we talk and how we bark,
Let’s not even talk of the necklace park!

As the sun may shine tomorrow again,
As would stay your love- unforgotten,
The more I miss you, the more I learn,
The more I learn, the more I yearn,

Am caught in a rubber band,
Set foot in a rainy land,
Before I sink into the dessert sand,
Hope by side my friends will stand.

Dedicated to Maheeth Battu, Mohammed Amer, and dumbass Nikhil Sanju… Love you and miss you people a lot.!

Known stranger❤ – Krishnaprasad03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
Facebook – Sideeshwaran krishna prasad

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