There are destinations in the dark,
hard to reach and hidden in muck,
and we do not know where our legs lead us,
but we do know how our fingers blend the phrases;
leaving traces as path races it paces into breaches,
leading us all to different places,
thence below the summer sun,
the breezes wheeze over the floor of the beaches,
making noises it seizes treasury cruises,
and as I foot forwards to find the lost faces;
a journey of stumbling steps finally straightens,
under the oceans, over a bed of the fishes

—I walk breathless searching clues of existence, 
Oh— how I suddenly remember, that
there are few destinations in the dark
that can be reached without getting lost.

And when I finally return after another
strange journey from my dreams,
which nobody heeds to listen—
my thoughts fume,
framing words from my stable spine;
swirls letters through a dripping pen,
call it my solace in grief or my plea for glee—
I always have this piece of paper listening to me.

And that, is why I write… Uhm wasn’t that your question?

Known stranger❤ – Krishnaprasad03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
Facebook – Sideeshwaran krishna prasad

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