A sky full of scars; the stars

We are girls,

We’re silly and sentimental,
we cry when we lose control,
we laugh even when somebody tells
us the stupidest and lamest of the jokes,
we take time in getting ready,
because people don’t take us untidy,
we go in groups to the washrooms, and
whisper even when not sharing any secrets,
We make lots of plans,
but we don’t follow any of the patterns,
we mess up almost everything,
and blame it on each other or anything.

And we are girls,

We don’t like it if you don’t like us,
we take all efforts to reach your expectations,
we don’t take you as you are,
because you don’t take us as we are,
we are forced to forget ourselves,
we are taught to follow your instincts,
so we may not be right always,
but bear with us— Cuz’ we are girls,
we may seem fragile and easy,
delicate, smooth, soft and weary,
but do not mistake us for the weaklings
my friend, we are girls.

We fight like a girl,

We don’t give up easily,
we keep fighting until won entirely,
this is who we are of sort,
strong and bold, smart and silent,
all at once— and we aren’t reliant,
don’t count us as the imbecile;
a sweet suggestion.

Do not take us for granted—
for we are harmful than cigarettes;
we are girls.

Dedicated to the legendary Khoudia Diopà – https://www.instagram.com/melaniin.goddess/

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