Crispy chaos

One day; when surly, I walked down
the alley— accidentally for the last recites—
to the last giant oak tree of my street—
to escape the sun; I seep and sat below it,
and as to suppress my tears; of a sudden,
the silence began to speak— whispering out aloud,

“I’ve neared my last breath,
I now see the chaos— crispy in taste;
louder than the sound of beach, and
larger than the crowds at least.
corners of my mind; seized,
whilst I witness parts of me diseased—
leaves frayed, and the finest of my shades shriveled,
and like the depth of a rain drop, are
sown my roots in the ground,
and like the weight of a fog drop, are
my branches that’re left out—
I rethink my life since a long,
before the race had ever born,
I’ve been useless all along:
as shade was all that I had grade,
my heart— sullen inn; in profound eternal weep,
and yet I smile my last goodbye— to the human face;
as they saw me apart in piece— my
roots shiver and branches tremble”

the whispering stopped and the withering ended,
I caught the little leaf flying down slowly in the wind,
and stapled it to the paper of my diary;
as a memory— and this, will now be
in my tomorrow’s history, as crispy chaos
of the last giant oak tree— of my street.



Known stranger❤ – Krishnaprasad03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
Facebook – Sideeshwaran krishna prasad

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