1 Am thoughts

In the vibrant colors of very dark nights’,
I needed a guiding light to guide me right.
I saw you at a distance, at unreachable heights,
And walked forwards until I was in your sight.

I put my trust in your wheedles,
But I was only taking silent needles,
And before I realized that I should have noticed,
You left me starving for you and worried.

You were like my little sunshine in rain.
In my every warm winter fragile steps;
I let you write my roads that designed my destiny in vain,
As you led me through red lit bloody path and stains.

I was on fire, eternally ashing and washing away,
You sever my bridges, and slain several in array,
You set my ground on flight and let the sky fall to zilch,
A pure plan of reprisal, a new plan of play; off my reach.

You placed me high and knocked me down,
Not to ground but even deeper; sown.
Now you poor me with pitiful eyes,
After you left me in between these distilled lies!

Now am backing up again finding a rain,
To hide my tears and pose as if clean,
Within, holding all my dying scene,
Just waiting; and over the grave here I lean.


Known stranger❤

ASk.fm – Krishnaprasad03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
Facebook – Sideeshwaran krishna prasad
E-book : Doll I dream off

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  1. Talha Bin Yasin says:

    nice poetry larkay
    keep it going

    Liked by 1 person

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