A soul that’s sold

A little girl walked up to me and questioned “am I the last of my species?” A wild laughter broke from within, soon she ran and I chased her to the river. Her eyes drowning off tears, hand shivering, lips screaming and pleasing me to spare her life.

I neared to tear her flesh, lustrous soul, I could feel the taste of her blood. As I took another step, she jumped into the waters, I mourned, but couldn’t catch her as I can’t touch the water, but I took a deep look into the water and..!

Found that I looked wicked, a soul crying was reflected on the water bed, my mind speaks “still I find a human around me for the meal right within me”, I wanted to chew my hands and taste my blood.

There I realize, I destroyed lives, I destroyed humanity. I rotten flesh, I drink cold blood. I’m forbidden from the sacred worships yards, and now am forlorn.

Still my mind is getting ready to drink my blood, though half of me was spoiled and smells like a waste heap, crushed and clumsy wicked hands, dark brown eyes filled of boiling red blooded nerves, openly breathing limbs all red and wet, dropping blood all the way I walk.

Question popped – ” who am I”

I remember tearing necks to drink, I remember dragging women to my lust, remember chasing old men, remember tricking wise men, remember walking out of the fire, remember breaking grave beds to fill my hunger, remember mourning at the moon light.

Memories flashed past me as I kept digging into the eyes of the soul that appeared weeping waters with the river.

It all started that day, when it came to me and said I’m tame. It said it can add me with  power, money, immortality and the ultimate knowledge. It was a taint soul carrying a taper with it, a sacred fire, tacit I agreed to part my body, corrupt my soul and sell my humanity.

The grass was greener on the other side that I couldn’t see, it’s been quite a long time, since I loved a human life. I won a million battles by betraying a billion lives.

I was gifted the ultimate power to take the world down, unlimited desires filled my mind, even the Lords bestow to my tantrum, earthly species dead, their rotten flesh becomes my feed and the heavenly gods become my servants.

Now I realize ultimate power comes not with evil, I sold my soul to set myself the highness, and now I’m the highness, but who do I rule? This wasn’t what I wanted? I let a soul part with mine, and today that very soul rules me from within.

Evil wishes and darkness filled in my every breath, none alive on this deadly planet, an no dangerous animal that just eats flesh and drinks blood, an a human that turned evil and claimed to be the greatest lord of the world.

Human being is a species with a boon to be free, choosing evil will finally take you in, but staying the right way can alone lead you to real success, though with pain. Happiness not comes from lust, money, or power, it comes from within, listen to your soul, keep it clean, there are places where you need to use your soul instead brain.

“Just be a good human before you want to be the god”.

Known stranger❤

IG – knownstranger03
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E-book : Doll I dream off

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