My Denouement

Today I’m writing a story of my own.
A story i never wanted to put on a paper. but still to the future me i write today.
I will be taking leave from my Blog after this piece of life, until i find a new start.

This is no opus i’m writing, just an oeuvre so take time in reading it. And remind me when i’m in need.!

After years of search, finally i knew what i’m up for.
I’m the man searching for meaning.
I don’t want to stare at my mirror asking questions.
I don’t stick to a single thing for long, yes i know.!

I’m leaving again today, to find the lost me,
I’ll go where the roads go, till the end,
I keep moving and when done i wander the woods and rest forever.

I would like to apologize

To the people i left behind, you were friends and you were the best enemies.
To the things i value the most in life,
To my eyes for all the tears i let you spend.
To my dreams i left unfinished.

I leave things incomplete, because i don’t find me living within them,
I don’t feel satisfied enough,
I’m searching for the light now,
Not the entire sun i claim, but at least the dawn,
I’m going to that place, where my dreams stay alive,
I’ll find a way back home if i ever feel well again.

I’m getting myself off every place in this world,
I’m cutting my chains loose for myself,
i’m entering a world of pain maybe, but no regrets,
Whatever i do, wherever i go after this, i’ll be on my own for sure.

I’m different, I’m insane, I’m changing and I Am alive,
and so i don’t want to remain like you,
Living with chains, i don’t really find happiness in little things,
I never found truth in my laughter,
You live and let live, but I’ve decided to leave and let live.

And if you ask me “What if you leave and found nothing worth?”.

Maybe you’re right, i may fail,
But there’ll hardly be any difference,
I never flied, thus i’m not scared, of falling from much of a height,
I’m leaving today, but in time i’ll return, if i found a better reason.

Maybe, i speak archaic because am the only man frozen in time.

You are my friend? then you should be knowing me quite well by now,
I speak foolish, i speak rubbish, but you know that i’ll stay up when in need,
Await for my presence my friend.

You were an accident in my life,
we met, we spoke, we shared stories, we made memories,
but i’m cutting them loose today, because i know i’m never forever.

You said you’re addicted, true,
You’re not addicted to me, but to my words,
believe me when you find someone who’s good at that, you’ll forget me.

I adore the way you lie to make me smile every time we talk.

Just wait, I know you’ll, and I Promise i’ll be back at the right time.

You’re never new to me, You never left me alone,
I like the way you stick to me, but i’m sorry now i’m leaving,
maybe you’ll find me back, and i’ll be happy to meet you.

But one thing i’m sure of is that i’ll not regret What i’m doing today,
because this is no mistake, it’s intentional, I do this as i feel it right.

If someday i come back, tired and sore.
done and defeated, drawn deep down and in dark.
forgive me not, help me not, and mercy me not.!

Cuz’ this is what i’m choosing today, i wanted this all the time.
I’m leaving nowhere, I’ve a pace set by my fate, and i’m just following it.
I’m like water, i flow like the air, with the wind and the ocean.

I’ve the urge to try, i may brake but not break,
I will never regret today in my life,
as i’m aiming at my fall, there’s no way ill fail.


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  1. Pranav_HP says:

    Wow this is just amazing!!!😍😍

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    1. Known stranger says:

      Haha ThanQ..! :”)

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      1. Pranav_HP says:

        I’d love if you check out my blog too!😊


      2. Known stranger says:

        Yea dude, your blog is great..! 😉

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      3. Pranav_HP says:

        Not as much as yours though😊

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    1. Known stranger says:


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