Cradle to grave

All of a sudden everything changed. It was all different from where I was all my life. In fear and insecurity I began to drown my eyes, yowl in vain.

Two strange hands and ten large fingers carried me out of the white room. I noticed I was bleeding, but the blood on me didn’t belong to me. As thoughts ran past my mind, came a cold touch that I never had before, I was washed in water, then cleansed with a cloth.

Something new was happening to me.

Then those same hands placed me in a cradle, next to a bed where a lady lie astray, unconscious. With all my energy wasted in tears, I had been dragged to sleep.

Mother she was, I knew as she introduced me to father. They’re my parents, I knew.

Another new feeling I had now was hunger. Back then, I never felt this, as my meal always reached my tummy directly through tubes in time.

I wanted to ask for help. Plead someone to feed me. But no matter how much I tried, nobody understood my needs. I was helpless and hopeless. Finally as I began to cry, my father started to shiver and sweat as if he felt my hunger.

I was taken to a pouch where I already knew to feed myself. After I had my stomach filled, I was drawn into sleep again. Hours passed and the same repeated.

Years passed and times have tuned.

Until I was in school studying human sciences, I didn’t know that I once had fed on my mother’s blood as milk for meal.

Now I had learnt to eat many more things that my mother made, my father earned and friends shared.

I was born alone, but now I had friends whom I never planned on leaving. Parents who never left me and also haters who never neared me.

I thought this was what life is made for.

I now have realized what a world is made of, I’ve learnt more science than that which said earth revolves around sun in solar system.

Friends whom I thought I couldn’t live without had left me and I wonder how am I still living.?

Love was never alone from my parents. Fantasy, crush, love and sex was now alluringly tempting and was found in every earthing of my opposite sex.

Years passed. I fell, I crawled, I sensed pain, I missed all the people whom I wish I had, I cried, I yowled, and growled in fear, found mercy but darkness everywhere, every step I made took me deeper than what it was before.

Finally I wished I was never alive, I wished that my parents never existed, I wished the world was never what it is, but as time never paused, I had to pass on with every new day, a new way to skip things that seemed bitter.

As was still searching for the meaning of my life, one fine day, a person held my hand and was ready to walk all my life by my side, no matter what. Years passed and I had now turned to be a parent, a good one, but not a better one than my own.

I loved my parents again for the second time, and I knew they were going to leave me soon, I prayed all day and all night for them to be with me till my last breath and beyond. But it was not late before they left me alone, but with their blessings.

I had no tears to cry out, ran out of breath, passed my days in places where no light dared, I missed them. I missed their touch, talks, love and my life with them. But someone, something above all our science and knowledge had taken them away from me.

Now life is fun no more, when kids I gave birth, had started to learn what world is. But I fear, what if they feel the same pain as I once did?.

I didn’t want them to cry, Yowl and scream like the old me.

I worked every day, night and even in my dreams, dreaming about their dreams, I wanted to comfort my kids with the best I can.

And when my kids told me how much they hated me and how they wished I never existed, I understood that pain I had given my parents. I still fear if one day I die, what will my kids have? The same kind of pain like I had!?

Now they’ve a life of their own, their kids began to call me old, and they never opposed. One fine day I decided to not leave back much pain to my kids as my parents did to me. So I began to drop hard words at them, I cursed them, I yelled and shouted, I said I hate them, my worst lie, but had managed to make them hate me.

But as one day the person who once swore, to part rest with of my life, had left me. I spoke to myself.

I was born, new and noble,
I irritated people around me,
I cried and sweated my tears out,
I caused pain to many innocent lives,
I deserved what I had,
I lived much enough that I wanted to continue no more,
I’m alone and am old,
And yes I know, I’ll be dead soon.

My life from cradle to grave, was a great journey, many scars with astonishing memories in them, that no one would ever know, hereafter. All that will be written on my stone are dates of my birth and last breath.

Another morning, the last one.
To the light I woke, but my eyes refused to open, nose struggled to breath, hands had not even shivered much as it once did, back in my college days.
Legs and lungs lacked impetus. I no longer controlled my body, it is completely out of my league.

That someone, something above all our sciences was now inviting me to join my parents in heaven. And yes, I wanted to leave..!

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