A journey to death


I was born a normal girl like the other.
One day I stood a scandal for the people, where my sister stood a scamp,
She alone called me a scanty scapegrace, but i could witness a many naming her a scally, though She kept herself calling sceptre..!

I know, that I don’t stand with my family, but after all, I can’t stab destiny. my sister stands as a scandalmonger, so I could not scandalize the truth.
I’ was scared, but was ready to scorch my own blood!!

A schism separates from me for schlep, by then against my schmaltz. I still stand a schmuck, unknowing the wrongs and rights, but I schmooze inside for my defeat today. I could at least not be a scone to protect my family..!

I scour my sense, when scout returns with my sister’s position, she’s still unfallen, bravely involved in a scarp war. I scour for her sight, and witnessed her as a scourge, She awaits me like a screech owl..!

I met her eyes and secluded immediately, I rose my sword, she abruptly used her scythe to scrape my sword. I seething picked up another one, not to my self defense, but to seize, I sentience the sentry moving..!

My crew serried to serve. my 4th sword could finally servile her, she went down her knees, secede and gave me a smile followed by a wink. Threw back her sharp sickle severe, she severed herself in two..!

My eyes bled, people around me shout and scramble my name with cheers, I felt it all shading before my eyes, shard my heart, legs weakened and I shambled into deep shallow darkness..!

People came running and shook me but I couldn’t shun, my lids shutter and finally flicker to death, the day went shoo-in but I’m taken by her sigh at last..!

Sisters born together, paced together but paved different paths to death facing each other. my morality was her death cause, while her justice and stubborn act gifted me mine..!

Sisters for life are not easy going… For all those pair sister born, have a quite happy life filled with smiles 🙂

Known stranger❤

IG – knownstranger03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
E-book : Doll I dream off

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