Unfurled happiness

Few friends are just meant to be special..!

Then, all my eighteen soldiers standing in a line, holding a rose each, felt like my life is secured with my army around me, with which I can totally hunt down anyone I want, like the horizons in a vista of blood dripping of the veins, as the shattered speed recollects at the origin, and then shooting to the stars that’ reaches the skyline aiming to the seas.

Backing it to the reality, my foot followed the line, not to join it as one, but to collect the roses one by one. Each time I pick one, I hear them yell their love to me wishing me my best day. There I get wings from nowhere to fly the clouds off, and touch the heaven gates and never return.

But I returned for that girl, she was on her knees, down to earth, holding a rose in her hands, and all mere love in the world showcased in her eyes, proposing me in the loveliest way, just to give me the feel “single and proud”, and she succeeded, I felt the world in my friends, which a boyfriend probably can never replace.!

She screamed “happy birthday”, with this vanished all my anger on her for not wishing me at the peak hour, of the fallen night.! Then petals of love showered me, tearing through the balloon, hanging to the roof over my head!

There, I felt that emotional bond I had with the world, I knew I had feelings, it just takes the right time, and right people to drown my eyes off happy tears. My amity, is my best gift, I realized.! And memories of the day still kept splashing, I remember walking the hall way on a cute song, that I thought suited me the best, then plucking roses from my parents, most lovely earthlings ever.

On the verge of crying, while everyone around were Aww’ing, and me smiling, with tears glittering, eyes shuttering, moments cherishing, memories preserving, baits vending, snags slimming, and all the paths paving, as my desires mended, dreams moulded, fun frowned, joy flared, soul scented, fate figured, destiny denied, times tuned, smiles florid, and love nestled..! I feel heaven hanging upside down fronting my eyes and chanting my life.

My friends make me proud of what I’m, parents make me feel home with everyone around, lucky me and yes, I say my squad is there best to be titled as “best friend goals”.!

Few relations in this world, never could be explained in words!

Story was captured on pure interest of scraping a jewel of best memories, on the other hand, I take pleasure in thanking the story lender.
Second copy of the story was written concerning to the first copy by Ayushee.

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  1. Chandni Asnani says:

    Nice post! 😊
    Achha listen, I’ve nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’. Hope you’ll participate! Thanks! ☺☺

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    1. Known stranger says:

      Aww ” one lovely blog ” huh? Haha thanq…yep with pleasure!.! (“:

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chandni Asnani says:

        Hehe, thank you so much! ☺☺✌

        Liked by 1 person

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