A girl’s love story

A squab hit the window adjacent to my bed, erelong I woke with a shattered sleep. Wasn’t disturbing but disappointing as it dissolved my lovely dream.
I pulled a paper to write down, my mind truits against the details of my day-dream in the night’s dream.

It was a fine evening when he went down his knees to propose me with a black rose in his right. Nothing fierce, as that was a expected move. The guy looked as sweet as sugar, dressed in a black pencil Jean, while his white composure added to his sleeveless red tee. Agog to hear him say “I love you” stared at him with a dirk in my eyes that taunted him much about my decision, but my emotions are wayward, no sooner I had my hands on the rose and arose it benignly.  He got up superfluous. His family, friends, neighbours, and all other mates became mine with the one flower I accepted down there. Then began, he became mine entirely with no snags at any stage. He gets me the best nuts covered of chocolate every day, with same anxiety in eyes, and convey his love with a quaint kiss.

Fortnight once came a film, mostly the same one, repeating several times, so that he can concentrate on me than the movie. Sometimes when I scowl at him for being late, he passes a extra chocolate to suppress my words within me. We were in a unique relation, incongruous of other relations. He had ardour to full fill all my craziest wishes. He pulled me off a plane, and after reaching a point in the air, trigger-opened a parachute, as I had sky-diving in my list. Frozen Ice creams during frozen’ing winter nights, hot-plates of my fav all time, during cold-rainy days, combine showers at water parks during summers. Only season left to stare exchange our love through eyes were lovely springs.

He respects all my believes and never laughs at my fall or fail, but faces them with me unlike others. Knocks at my head when I behave mindless, kisses when I behave silly or act childish. Cuddles at the bad times, hugs at horrors, these sense of romance of him kept my life stuffed enough to feel it all live. Finally as promised, on giving my brother a sky-dive got us some help convincing my parents, that made me his clumsy wife’y. As soon the marriage night took off, he flew with me all along Vegas, LA, Simla, followed new-Zealand and Mussoorie, which was stated in my secret diary as a witty wish. Kept me in all the latest out-fits that I never ever had a thought of stealing dresses from my friends.

He sits with me for every make-up and beauty slender i take, just to company and encourage me. Takes my feet to his hand, polishing my nails was the best part in it. Keeps me cute forever in his thoughts, making love everyday with new passion soon gifted me with two girl gibbons. This way my life became a lovely and a lively one.

Wish this dream comes true..!

Known stranger❤

IG – knownstranger03
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E-book : Doll I dream off

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  1. izza ifzaal says:

    Such a great story. .


    1. Known stranger says:

      Thanq! (‘:


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