Pain that’s gained

Every love story has a halcyon, so did mine. He once promised me a Hansom ride, around the city, but that never came alive, just rested in my memories.
As today I look fatigue, after our final haggle, am so in need of a harangue. Hastened down few drops of tears, and decided to end this life, not mine, but his.

On choosing the perfect habiliment, for this first murder of mine, I also took a machet from the old desk, that looked a little trite, but enough to separate his soul off his body. Buckled up, and hood over, stepping towards my futures’ past.

His hands shivered, so did mine.
when I pointed a pistol straight at his forehead. Widened eyes, and dropping voice, hardly could accommodate a conversation. Standing in the middle of a heath, a ten mile away his home, and a fifteen from mine.

Quired if everything between us is going good, I remained in silence, with a dirk in my eyes, heuristically. He tried every hokum that was edible to the situation, filled of memories from the past. He hollered that he loves me, and promised that he would never leave me, but am yet ain’t convinced.

I could shoot, as was staring his eyes, but hurled the pistol at him, and force to my knees in hush. Still could hear his meek voice, as I looked up, this time, had a pistol, that I threw at him. Wild laughter, was all I then listened.

That cruelty in eyes, Merciless hands, fiercefull’ soul, excited and happy heart pulled the lanyard loop and pointed the barrel to me. I wasn’t afraid a little, but defense and helpless’. Memories splashed post me. Late night talks, early morning walks, evening calls and midnight promises, everything seemed fake, and faded in seconds.

Hied high to my feet again, he immediately pulled the trigger. To shoot me dead, was his decision. He sweated and wiped as realized, there were no bullets in it. I heed at him. His legs started to me, while his lips joined the scattered words, that shattered my trust for him.

His soul scared of my next step, neared me. I drew my hood off, and he began again. Shivering vocals spoke for the last time “I rea…lly lov…..e yo….u “. I smiled and realized, he was lying again, erelong pulled my machet from behind and tagged it with his neck, set free his filthy soul into air.

This way ended my love, I alone gained all the pain.

Remember, if your were once wrong in past, on choosing the right person, then at least be right, at ending lives. Make the wound’ent pay, and not the wounded ‘you’ pay.

Known stranger❤
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