My Amity 😍

Like the roots of a tree, strong is our friendship.

That day, there and then, was when we became friends, though we never liked each other a lot, in a snap we got close.!
Our amity began then, with no complaints, and with no much love to share though, and not even a ride together before.!

First ride, first moment, first love was with you people. we prank, we fight our foes, we sunk and rose between the mere and ocean, but always stuck together.!

We did fight among selves, we did share the secrets we never thought we would, we did love to have a big group of friends and roll, but one thing that kept us in the shell, was our love, that was ignited from the core of our hearts.!

Funniest thing is that, we belong to different religions, different castes, different societies, and still we be what we like to be. “Amer Mohammed” being a Muslim is free to walk into a temple with me, and pray at the church hall with “Maheeth” a Christian.

A country like ours did this magic, a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and a Jain, became so thick that we kick and kill together, smile and shine together, laugh and let live forever.!

We share a common surname, share a single plate, share a ride, share a drink, suit up with other’s clothes, buckle up with other’s shoes, and shop spending other’s money😂. We talk sentiment, we talk love, we talk girlish, we behave very boyish, we act alien, but we hit hard together, when someone points at us, as the odd one out.!

People say I really write very well, many even appreciate every day and night, but believe me, I’m not such a great writer, as I can never explain our friendship in words, maybe this would be the simplest form of my writing I’ve ever made, but is steamed with love.

There’s always something in a girl’s friendship that a boy will never understand, but there are a million things in a boy’s friendship that a girl can never understand..!

Love you people…:* :*

Dedicated to my friends Amer Mohammed Battu, Nikhil Sanju Battu and Maheeth Battu. 😘 besties for life.!

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