A breakup

Interdicting me from reaching your thoughts was never possible. But sometimes I may tend to interlude myself from your thoughts, but can never stop dreaming of myself living in you.

Our relation was never internecine and also wasn’t hazardous to anyone. Adoring you was my hobby, though finally one day we abandoned each other, spending my time with you, spinning my hour-glass again and again will probably make us a mess, still would love to repeat it.

Me wanting to make you my consort at my 27, by when I would gain ask world’s riches to spend on you, is now nowhere. I wanted to make a trip abroad right after the night of our marriage, leaving the world alone, wander all around LA, Vegas, New Zealand, Mussoorie, and Simla, making love to each other, wanting to shot in unison right at the world that sounds “I love you”.

You were the one to love me prattling around. Also you were the only one that bared my prance’y moves. My dreams prang and spring into darkness as we were never pragmatic. You were a preceptor that made me a precent with time for my unfulfilled life, and enjoyed the music that was ranging from my throat. You sentient’ed me to all kind of situations to lead my life to is full. But I’ve thing that you lacked was that you forgot to promise me that you’d never leave me.

Today I price your thoughts, your ideas and the way your ideology solved my problems. Just surmise that you found a better girl resulting in leaving my world cold without any possible posse. Thus I re’skill assuming everything is resoluble and zap-up every memory and zealously move forward to take steps that zonk my success.

I’ll no more have the scars of your love, as long this stays a perfect break up in our memories..!

Known stranger❤

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  1. Zee says:

    Youre a beautiful writer.. Got to know about this website through ask..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dance designer says:

      Aww.! Thanq that really means a lot (:


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