BAE – Before Anyone Else

Wandering between the time, wondering  to find a friend, winningly found you, willingly loved you, and also witnessed your love. Still i swear not, because you know, I can never leave you. I owe my life, to just explain my love to you.

Realizing you’re the gift, not from the gods, but by the clouds, I remain sleepless, dreaming all night about the day you realize souls aren’t meant to remain separate, but are moulded together with someone, forever.

Naming the nameless thou name, makes me love even the most hated thing of my life. Your name in my ears can replace my favorite musical notes. Letters in your name seem to be carved with beauty, when they’re segregated to represent you.

Finding you wasn’t any boon, but a mean to my life. Your fragrance fills around when I’m alone, and your tears shed my eyes when you’re alone.

You’re the one to make me talk, you’re the one to shut me up, you’re the one that makes me feel sour, you’re the one that makes me feel sweet, you’re the one to say “thappad padega” and you’re the one to kiss.

You make my day, lift my fate, break my tude, tilt my moods, shake me up and pass me through, you’re a gem glittering in the moon light.

You love me more?  I love you more! These contradictions never end, unless we find our grave, you’re my breath, you’re my life, so you’ll be my death, fear not, cuz’ you’re my love as well.

A friend to care and share and of course dare to leave. You know I’m trapped in you, and I know you’re mine. You make a perfect friend, who’s genuine and also are enamoured.

Your weirdest dreams, your craziest ideas, your strange stuff that you never share, is what I get as complementary and you? even know my lungs that breath everyday.

Distance doesn’t matter as your love reaches my heart. I love your smiles, and i everyday tell you how much I love you and that then leaves you with a smile on your face..!

We aren’t made together, but now we found each other, and part not forever.

Dedicated to Geetika Chawala_Killer (BAE)

—————————- Known_stranger❤
IG – knownstranger03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
E-book : Doll I dream off

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