My dear paper

Today I write to the piece of paper, that held by my side during the dull days of my summer and few scary winter nights as well.

You are a part of my writings of my active life, whatever I write holding a pen in my hand. Though can never express my love for you, me and my writings always owe you.

In your debt I sometimes doubt, if I’ll even have some credits left for my late night sleep-less experiments on you. Thus I remain calm, not writing much or taking much about you and your credits, in the process of stealing all the credits by myself.

You being a best part of my life, infact a part of me, act a ‘BAE’. Who shares all my sorrow and smiles without a regre. Most of the time sharing my stuff with you will actually give me the best solutions for my problems. Especially without blaming me on my past wrong-doings and future’s fate. Well though I could say you’re my lawyer fighting my cases, and you’re my doctor curing and healing me from all the pains and hurts that time had gifted me, strengthens our relation.

My words keep always coming with my stories and so as to now conclude my writing, I can say—– “I’m in debt to my dear paper”.

Known stranger❤
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