Crying in my room

A day when all your friends have ditched you. A time when your family surmises on you. A fate that continuously keeps stalking, you with all the reasons to keep your eyes shedding, and a path that you’ve taken on your will, been proved wrong.

  Is when you need a room.

Everyone in this planet as me, are in need of some true heart to talk your sadness and transmit positive smiles into yours. But how many of you really need a place?! that can actually take all, that you want to give away.!
A place where you can dance unconditionally, some expanse with a perfect clime to laugh hastily.?

My room is such a place that can efface your irksome and double the blithe in you. While all that costs is some forlornness.

Cry or weep, smile or laugh, breath or sigh and dance or undulate, this is always something to be called a covertly communicated friend. Who keeps your pains and gains in the dark, between the four walls. And reveals only to you, with time, when needed to flash a memory.

Today I’m in such a room, losing all the trust in my bubs, hope in humanity and after fate faded out the faith in my family.
This, as the last place left for me, to actually weep and wipe or sigh and snigger, now plays vital in my life.
Every teen owes their room, however though never can the debt be cleared.

The known fact is that, we share more pain and sadness with this room, than that of our happy smiles, as after-all, all human beings are mean.

Annoyingly, today as such human being, as to my memories I’m “crying in my room”.

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