A birth curse

I feel my mom puking, and she’s happy for something, the news that I’m in her womb passed all around. None noticed me for the past 3 months though. this warm place got even better for that I sense myself growing into something with little hands and legs accompanied with the tiniest fingers, able to share my mom’s breath and food. A strange man often engaging his ears in listening the silence around me, and sometimes his hands wrapped around my mom, I feel a lift..!

Six months passed and I can now move my legs and kick stalk my mom, not to trouble her, but to witness her smiling at that little pain caused by me. She enjoys everything about me, chews all that she never did, just to provide me a healthy meal. special drinks and safety measures to ensure my well growth. Every night my dad explains how much he loves me, with his promises for my future..! One thing I understand is he loves me unseen, which includes my pros and flaws..! I’m already in love with you dad..! 🙂

Time to be a earthling since I’ve past 9 months in my mother’s womb, my mom slept astride in the hospital bed where we together visited for regular check ups. She yells but doesn’t give up, sheds tears through eyes, but holds a smile on her face. So much love for me that kept me in crying. A stranger In a white coat handed me over to dad before I hardly noticed my mother’s face. And left a word ‘she’s a baby girl’, and yes! So what? My dad didn’t knew that already?

Dad’s happiness turned to something I couldn’t understand, he walks cold, with no care for me, settled me in a warm place that was dark but not as much my previous home, he left me and ran back into the giant white building that had a big tag ‘hospital’. Why did he leave me alone here? It’ smells odd and dwells some fluids, I cried harder to call him back, and finally understood what I’m up to. This must be a second stage to be on my own as earthling, but how long do I wait here? Another 9months? And this time not a one to care and none to play with?

Waiting here in the green box for my dad’s return soon..!

Credits: A thought extracted from Anyuktha Nallani’s “it’s a girl”. The post was re-pressed purely on social rapport.
Original article may be found at http://www.anyukthanallani.WordPress.com

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