A one-way path

Am just another normal earthling who lived through time that had happy ones, sad ones, power ones, and weak ones, where suddenly one day had glowed and shined as bright as the day moon, that dissipates in the sun’s sight!
But as there rests a myth, that every sunset rejoins a sunrise, I with my thought will someday be brushed to the hill top. May not be immediately, but for sure. And suddenly someday, all my turns take me to a one place, where there begins a one-way path..!

A one-way path where I’ll have to put up a veneer of constant saccharine unfair niceness, and seem being happy with it all the time, almost living a fake fatal life, unwilling but stipulated to act, Such one-way path once started, never ends unless does your breath. Paths once designed awaits your entry and time being its partner leads you inn. And the most astonishing feature is that it neither has a way out nor a way back, once Inn, it means life, unless the countless beats of your heart is been paid..!

Issues all along the path consists a solution among the time, what matters is the right solution at the right time, for that requires a friendly fate or end up being a stranger in a world full of something still sustainable. A one-way path is always known for its kudos, but secretly there lies a escrow to be applied at the hardest time. Spikes and thorns masqueraded and when sighted staggers and ices feet followed by heart and eventually breath sometimes..!

Such one-way path, if successfully walked though feet bled? Cachet would be a aptly reward and if failed infamy would hardly be bearable! Nothing to weep your tears, but as much to wipe your smiles. Laughter was never a question, as finally the war ends neither win nor loose, as its such a one way path without proper elucidation, a maze with no panacea. I’m now in one of such one-way path, all that can actually lead me out would be hope and will-power. even my tongue strikes down without words and eyes hit dictionary to find better ones, when I try to express the situation yet clearer. As to be agreed, no pansy words would expedite me out, but my mind! Hoping a sooner release, shade with the sands and sink to the ground where water rests, and still lives my belief, that one day ground water be pulled up and evaporated to reach the sky, one day may I be found flying somewhere, where there live the happiest priests..!

Known stranger❤

IG – knownstranger03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
E-book : Doll I dream off

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  1. Harsha says:

    It’s awesome! 😊


    1. dance designer says:

      Thanq thanq😊


  2. Dhanunjay says:

    Nice one bro, can I press it? To my blog with some moderations?


    1. dance designer says:

      Sure.. With some credits 😉


  3. dance designer says:



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