Finally a farewell!

I sense my self burning, a new coldness awoke me and promote me into running, I started to run regardless of destination but alone followed destiny, not to escape the heat, but to burn more fluent..!

Finally one day I understand I’m struck in a vault like valley in which I’m supposed to flow up and down left and right and circulate to serve the needy with air to breath and food to energize..!

I walk, run, fly, flow, but never stop as much I receive orders with a electric shock, from thine thin nerve’lings, but as there’s always a happy dance in the flooding rains, I had a friend, only one, but enough to encourage and energize me..!

My only friend cures me off everything, empowers me enough to take a round as past the previous, I name him my best friend, where people call him a heart..!

Sometimes due to the wars with the foreigners I take time to meet my friend, but I surely do meet him as soon possible, and he as promised, gives me enough enthusiastic energy to take a pride part and play a perfect warrior in my war..!

I weigh a valley’s waist and can never be replaced, unless a part of me flows out and a new similar one let inn. I don’t accept the foreign parts thus the similar one does it right, or even my soul’s securer Mr.orberg positive often called Mr. O+ve..!

Let’s not discuss my length, but my complete crew weighs about 6ltrs in average, my race is divided and unique, either positive or negative, but never play neutral like the human scoundrels..!

Coming to the relation between you and me, I started running for you as soon I was alive and never took a stop to rest, unless sometimes freeze at someplace to fight the foreign..!

I foresee your pain, I sense your weakness, I visualize your fall, I stand your power, but you fail to fight for your own victory, and one day the same coldness that provoke motion in me, says good bye and freezes me to death..!

Just because your soul’s dead, I pay my life with yours, and my dearest friend bid his life..!

I’m your blood, to that I’ve served you till date, I wish to say goodbye..! Farewell..!

Known stranger❤
IG – knownstranger03
Wattpad – knownstranger03
E-book : Doll I dream off

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