Words of a broken mirror

I stand your perfection
I stand your flaw
I stand your righteousness
I stand your happiness

You shout!.. I scream!.. You cry!.. I weep!..
When you shed tears!.. I drown my eye!..

I stand your courage
I stand your fear
I stand your anger
I stand your pain

You smile..! I laugh..! You sigh..! I wink..!
When you suppress tears..! I showcase my teeth..!

I know your secrets, I know your weakness!..
I know you’re ugly!.. But I say your cute!..

When you’re burst extremely with all the buried sadness in you,
And take a look into me now, you
Based by your anger built by your sadness,
Break me into pieces..! Here ends my life..!

I’m the mirror
That you shined your teeth and shared you thoughts,
messed your hair and missed your pain,
count your wonders and cut your doubts…

Today, the day you counted me as just one among the hundred out there teasing you and cost’ed your tears and broke me down to pieces…

I’m the one that gave you infinite chances to blame,

I’m the one that gave you strength to move on,

I’m the one that proved you’re  not left alone,

I’m the one who actually convert your tears to diamond,

I’m the one who actually change the worst expressions on your face…!

With your sadness, untimely anger
you just made a change in my sentence
From “i’m the one” to “I was the one”
by punishing me ‘sentence to death’ for all your flaws

All the self-ies we ever had together,
All the self-respect I paid you ever,
All the cosmetic costumes applied In my presence,
All that sweet and sizzling truth about your true love, Vanishes here

 I wish you ‘left lone’ forever now.

Known stranger❤

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