My dear friend

I dreamt of having day dreamed my future, I went out to find the white wicky vampire that spoiled my night with the crazier dreams ever.

Once I had it found finned finally! I realized am drowned into deep dream!
I now await a person who can up lift and out take me from this world into a colourful crest..!

Finally found the father of fun in you my friend.

You stood by Me, for me, to secure and help me…!

You stay awake the late night to check with my tears..!

You say I’m fine with this, to give me the best..!

you say its alright when i say sorry again..!.

I find the magic of a mother in you my friend

I’m down and you know…you’re not leaving me behind you say I’m not interested to go today..!

Too weak for another step you stay up with me!.

You accept my flaws, to set them right..!

You accept me as just me ..! And yet I wonder if you’re the best thing for me..!

I find the best brother in you my friend.

Now we’re apart and you know I miss you, but you never seem to be coming back!

Now that you’re gone, I can’t dream a class without you, can’t pick the stones without you, can’t make a decision without you, can’t sing the songs without you, came take a smile without you, can’t have a snack without you!

For you exist not in my realm I write you down here, just in case you find it pass me a silent kiss.

Known stranger❤

In dedication to an old friend. #sister.

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