Few relations never die

So many straws in one drink,
So many fights for one chocolate,
So many hands in one chips packet,
So many slaps for one simple mistake..!

You stay with me in my hard time,
Placing my hand inside yours,
That’s the moment when I actually realize,
I’m happy with you as much I’m happy with myself…

So many revolts for one silly cause,
So many plans for one single movie,
So many pens for a silent test,
So many hands to lift up from a speed breaker fall..!

You stick through my sadness,
When I ask you to leave me alone,
You make me feel as if you’re my loneliness,
You prepare me for everything ahead with all your encouragement..!

So many warns to support one best friend,
So many friends on one bench,
So much laughter for one stupid joke,
So many phone calls on birthday night..!

You act a perfect father during my mistakes,
You act a mother in my mischief,
You act a brother in my problems,
You act a sister in my sadness,
You act my girl in my happiness..!

So many hugs for one little cry,
So many tears for a little fight,
So many hours Of lost sleep for a birthday bash,
So many absentees for one small test..!

“Lying on a friend’s shoulder for a simple problem.! May not solve it, but surely gives you courage, to face them”..!

FRIENDS are the best part of our small life..!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sana sakina says:

    Felt like its unaided truth which normally we don’t see

    Liked by 1 person

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