Every she is a goddess

She is a mother, She is a sister
She is a daughter, She is a friend
She is a wife,She gives life
She is beautiful, But she’s alive….
She keeps you safe..!
She Cares you, She loves you
She stays with you..!

She seems quite, She takes pain,
She also gets hurt, She has feelings,
She needs her life,
She wants a shoulder to lie on and carry on with her tears,

She’s courageous and dependent..
It’s not the inability its the softness and love that prevents her from revolt….that stops her from being on her own.!

Respect she who is awaken late nights to serve your needs..!
Who hides her troubles to ensure smile on your face..!
Who walks along when she actually can’t but for you to feel better..!
Who grows old eventually with you but keeps serving you till the last breath lasts..!

For all those sweet women out there,
With little Sense of humanity in my voice ..!

Known stranger❤

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