A smarter complaint

I wonder what freezes above the
sky beds of happiness,
I wonder what rests beneath the
ground sets of sadness,
I wonder what fleets down in deep and dark ocean swings of sorrow-ness,
I wonder if I can ever wander between all of them In a neutral world..!

What’s hidden behind the great gravely mountains?!
What’s suppressed between the sailing water rivers?!

I wonder if there’s ever made a way to reach the sky to take a walk,
I wonder if there will ever be paved a path to shift turns from hell to heaven,
I wonder if there ever be way widened to enter our colony roads…!! 😛 😂😂

“The true intention above was to say about the widening of colony roads, but the way of presenting and fun in it draws attention towards it, life is always with attention of other…!!

I believe that hard work may win, but smart work never fails…

Known stranger❤

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